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Twenty-four year old front end developer with an obsession passion for design, productivity and coffee.

I see technology as a means of empowerment, growing up to stories of common folks building world-changing companies through the internet really inspired me and pushed me to peruse a career in tech.

Few years ago I graduated in software engineering and while at it, I discovered that my true drive lies in optimizing the way people connect with a product — with a whole brand even.


A developer's toolkit is ever changing, right now my focus is on React, Styled Components, Node and Gatsby while also keeping an eye on Svelte, Deno and SwiftUI.

  • Web Development

    From promotional pages, through e-commerce all the way to full blown real time apps.

    HTML, Pug, CSS, ITCSS, BEM, JavaScript, Meteor.js
  • Mobile Development

    Progressive web apps are the best fit more cases, hybrid apps can take care of more complex apps.

    PWA, React Native, Ionic
  • Digital product design

    Visual identity is just the beginning of great user experiences.

    Figma, Sketch, Invision, Storybook

In my spare time I enjoy going out for some good coffee and tasty pastries. I'm a big fan of rainy days and cooking videos.

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